Electrical Load Monitoring

Understand and Manage your Electrical Power System and your Usage

SES Utilities can provide monitoring of your electricity supply and consumption by means of safe non-contact current transformers, which are placed around the conductors and which require no live electrical contact.

A Hawk 5000 monitor is set up and later downloaded by the use of a laptop PC, and can be left connected to the system for as long a period is selected, usually between one and seven days.

The parameters monitored are as follows:-

  • Single or Three Phase Power
  • kW and kVA
  • Power Factor
  • Total kVAr
  • RMS Current
  • RMS Voltage
  • Single Phase Frequency

The setting up of the monitoring equipment, on site installation, downloading  and results analysis is undertaken by our qualified electrical engineers and a report is provided to your requirements and can be supported by the following:-

  • Printed Data
  • Profile Charts and
  • Bar Charts

We would be pleased to discuss the monitoring options with you and provide a sample report tailored to your requirements.