Lightning Conductor Testing

Lightning Conductor Surveys from SES Utilities

Lightning Conductor Testing is an important part of maintaining lightning conductors.

A lightning strike can damage structures made of most materials including masonry, wood, concrete and even steel. The huge currents from a lightning strike heats the materials to high temperatures and can cause fire, loss of strength and even explosions from superheated steam.

An important part of lightning protection are lightning conductors, sometimes referred to as a lightning rods or lightning finials.  Lightning conductor systems are strips or rods constructed from conductive materials, usually copper, which are often used to prevent lightning damage to tall or isolated structures such as the roof of a building, by safely redirecting lightning strikes.

Lightning Conductor testing and Earth Electrode testing

Lightning conductors need to be maintained to keep buildings protected from lightning damage. Our lightning conductor and earth electrode tests are carried out by experienced trained professionals that operate throughout the UK.

Our lightning conductor tests provide you with a detailed report of the condition of your lightning conductor and include a resistance reading, identifying any points of failure in your lightning conductor.

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